Jennie Schwartz

For Jennie it’s not a question of why did she start Cry4humanity, it’s a statement of why not. Prior to the passion of serving the people of Sierra Leone, Schwartz has always found that giving time to those in need can be very rewarding. As a young girl, Jennie cared for an elderly neighbor, and a lasting impression was made while volunteering at the St. Louis Crisis Nursery during her senior year of high school. Schwartz and her husband have welcomed multiple children into their home as licensed foster parents and are living happily with three children of their own, the oldest child is adopted.

When Schwartz began communicating with co-founder Alhaji Jalloh, a resident of Makeni Sierra Leone, she took full advantage of the chance to learn about the African culture and hardships. The opportunity to converse with Jalloh, a survivor of tremendous crisis, is extremely humbling.

“Everyone has a choice in life. You can choose to ignore the cry of those near and far, pretending they don’t exist, or you can choose to suit up for battle, open your heart and fight for humanity” – Jennie

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