Educating Makeni’s Youth

In many countries, education is easily accessible. Whether it’s private school, public school, or home-based schooling most children will learn to read and write. For youth in Makeni the opportunity to attend school is a privilege. Government-funded schooling is nonexistent and with 65% unemployment paying for school is virtually impossible for most. If a student’s family cannot pay school tuition then they are not admitted. Students beg in the streets and labor long hours trying to earn money for tuition, school uniforms, supplies, and food. Most travel long distances on foot to class each day with an empty stomach. For physically and mentally disabled students the obstacles are even greater.

Cry4Humanity has taken a group of approximately twenty-five students, all in which have some form of disability and given them new hope and a sense of belonging. We’ve provided those students with school tuition and supplies. Cry4Humanity is taking a stand for these students and advocating on their behalf. The change is astounding and very much respected amongst the fellow students and teachers. It is our hope to provide over 500 students with tuition assistance in the near future.