A young mother named Christina contacted Cry4Humanity desperately seeking medical care for her 18-month-old son, Abubakarr. He had a major cleft obstruction of some sort in his mouth. A disfigured child is often a pariah in many areas around the world. Without surgery Abubakarr would go through life as an outcast. We were initially very discouraged.  How would Cry4Humanity be able to assist Christina in finding the appropriate care? We contacted a few organizations and our doubts quickly changed into hope. Our research led us to Dr. Patrick Turay at Holy Spirit Hospital in Makeni. This hospital is less than 10 miles away from Abubakarr’s home. Dr. Turay informed us that a medical group from the Netherlands would be using his hospital to perform surgeries to those most in need, for free! When Alhaji arrived at the hospital with Abubakarr and Christina there were hundreds of people lined up down the street hoping for a chance to be seen by the medical team. Abubakarr was in the first group of people to be let inside the hospital, and due to his age, was the FIRST to be assessed! Abubakarr was approved for surgery! For the first time since her child’s birth, Christina was hopeful her child would have a chance of a promising future. Thanks to the support of our amazing donor’s Cry4Humanity has been able to provide post-op support for Abubakarr and Christine.