General Donation

General Donation

General Donation

we greatly appreciate your donation.

  • It is difficult to accurately estimate the amount we may need for each project or program.
  • Having money in reserve is crucial to deliver the best aid possible to the individuals we serve.
  • General donations make it possible for us to respond to emergency needs that cannot wait for direct sponsorship.
  • Your generosity will restore faith in humanity!

Top Donors

Here are the top 10 contributors for this campaign:

#1Paul Drown$1000
#2Denise Mulcahy$550Car battery
#3Ann Garrido$500
#4Alpha Bundu$500Help the needy
#5Holly Spielman$100For holly garbutt 🙂
#6William Davis$100
#7Judith Mishler$75
#8Holly Garbutt$50Jennie i wanted to donate to donersee157/12 aunty? Wants to start a textile business...
#9Adzua Antenor$50
#10Melissa Beckering$50

This campaign has 15 donations from 12 contributors


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