Orphans and malnourished babies need formula!

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Orphans and malnourished babies need formula!

Hello! Babies under the age of six months cannot eat the special therapeutic peanut paste that is given at the feeding clinic. Baby formula is costly is extremely high in price but it is also essential to helping our youngest patients recover from malnutrition if their mothers are not able to breastfeed or need to supplement because mom is not producing enough milk. Lately, we are having an increasing amount of orphaned babies at the clinic. A donation of $500 will enable us to purchase 2 cases worth of baby formula. Once this project is complete, you will find another similar project posted. As long as there are children suffering from malnutrition, baby formula will always be needed. The rainy season is approaching, and food insecurity will increase. Cry4humanity is receiving new babies every week. Thank you for loving the children of Sierra Leone and supporting this life-saving mission and constant need.❤️ God bless you all for the support.

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